Engravinator Beta Status

Come here to see where the Engravinator Beta is in the process. We will keep this first post updated with the status as it changes. Completed items will be crossed out.


  • Invoices Sent Out
  • All Invoices Paid
  • Component Acquisition
    • Laser Modules
    • Nuts & Bolts
    • Aluminum Extrusions
    • Motion Components
    • Steppers
    • Enclosure Acrylic
    • Controller
    • 3D Printed Parts (for those not printing at home)
  • Kit Building
  • Kits Shipped

Please feel free to respond to this thread to ask any questions about the Beta status. You may also direct message @adammhaile or @pcon to discuss privately.


Thanks, I am looking forward to working with your fantastic looking kit. I’m a software engineer, mostly web backends for enterprise systems, formerly managed SANs, LANs, Emails & ISPs (back to the last days of dial up) so very much a generalist rather than an expert at anything.
Hardware is newest thing I figured I should know more about, so mostly just casually tinkering with various IoT bits the last few years.

Hey, what’s that shiny thing over there! Ooops, it’s the laser. My bad.


The build guide is live! https://engravinator.com/mk1/build/


Awesome, I gave it a first read-through last night. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Very minor question - I notice in all of the images, the assembler is wearing latex/nitrile gloves. Is there a reason for this, other than better grip and not smudging up my new toy?

That’d be my hands and besides plain habit it’s because the bolts, linear rails, and bearings all have a coating of oil on them. Actually the bearings and rails have quite a lot of oil on them. This is normal, but it makes a mess.
Then once I get to the enclosure it was to keep fingerprints off the acrylic for the sake of good pictures :slight_smile:


I’ve got a question; is there any reason why this couldn’t be adapted to a larger size like 500x1000mm?

@Interstaller555 Could you move this to a new discussion? Will answer over there :slight_smile:

Sure thing! No problem!

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Good news! Kitting has begun!

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Very excite!

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My kit is in the mail (well, FedEx), and I’ve printed all of the plastic parts. Looking forward to building this, and then partnering it with the Maslow CNC that I should be getting for Christmas. (: Should be a great combination of tools!

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Don’t do what I did and forget to print the enclosure parts too. I don’t know why but I thought the enclosure folder was just for the panel cutting templates.

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Or what I did, and forget to print all the parts. Oh well, 34 hours to go!

Blog entry is up, here.

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