Engravinator Kit Availability

I am wanting a reliable CNC Engraver to engrave a trademarked logo onto products soon to be produced from my husband’s new woodturning hobby. Have been looking on Aliexpress and Banggood for a while. Have been hesitant to buy because of unknown power, capacity and reliability of units offered. Particularly wanted to work with such as Arduino and G-code type software. This unit appears to be ideal for me. Do not have a 3D printer so will be looking to buy completed unit to assemble. Need to keep costs down. Any idea when will be available?

We are still evaluating if/how/when selling full kits will happen, of which the Beta kits are a big part of that evaluation process. But, right now, I don’t have an answer for you.
I can comment, however, that if we do sell a kit including 3D printed parts it will not be cheap. Probably at least $150 extra for the printed parts as an option. It takes about 1.5 days of print time per kit so there’s no way to provide it for cheaper. Companies like ShapeWays would charge at least twice that for the printed components. My recommendation would be to find a friend with a printer or makerspace where you can print the components.

Thank you for your reply. I will look into that and study the documentation provided. However, expense is relative and I was meaning more not wanting to waste money on something that will not do what is required. I understood you were aiming at a product in the USD 200-400 range. Is that still the intention? If you can’t answer this now that’s fine, I will keep following to see what happens. Do you have any sense of a time frame?

We’ll be able to talk more about what the plan, if any, is for kits in January most likely.

Hello Adam

Further to above:
Local library has Makerbot Replicator + printer.

Appears have to take prepared files, which they will then print.

Downloaded file https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1586206 as suggested in print documentation.

File downloaded as xyz-cube.stl. Would not print as .stl from USB at Library.

LibraryHelper converted file to CubeTest3.x3g.makerbot which then printed the cube with the filament and colour being used at the time.

Measured cube with Verniers and micrometer.

See uploaded photo - Faces with dots: Dot = North:

Xdot Face:

N to S = 20.08

E to W = 20.06

Zdot Face:

N to S = 19.91

E to W = 19.88

Ydot Face:

N to S = 20.15

E to W = 19.975

Can you advise, please?

I do not know how to modify the file to get all measurements within the 0.1 mm over 20 mm tolerance identified as a requirement. Don’t doubt I can learn, but need help.FemmesoleNZ-Cube

@FemmesoleNZ With the exception of the one Y face, everything is within the 0.1mm tolerance we specified and it’s only 0.05 off. You should be fine.
But I’d also like to point out that there is nothing that can be done to the STL files to bring things within tolerance. You would need to tune the 3D printer slicing profiles or the hardware of the printer itself to make it print more accurately. You can’t just change the model file to force it to be within tolerance.

Thank you. That is very helpful.

Hello Adam

Misumi appears not to ship to NZ; cannot open account. Have found a supplier here who wants to supply parts for builds such as yours. Contacting him tomorrow.

Meanwhile looking at frame 2020-3WayInternalCornerBracket-M4Screws parts. Can you please comment on the 3 way corner bracket in the attached jpg. Looking at substituting this for the HBLFSN5-SEP brackets and HNTP5-5 spring nuts.

Oh man, that stinks. Didn’t realize that. I used Misumi because they had warehouses all over the place.

Regarding that other bracket: I’m actually going to look into reworking it to use that (to help bring down the cost).
However, given the way they work I’d need to change the lengths of the extrusions.
I’m actually working on setting up a supplier for selling kits (at least in the USA) and they sell that bracket too. I’ll get some and see what I can figure out.

OK. I am working on a parts list for that supplier I found, so I won’t order until I hear back from you about extrusion lengths.

They don’t have the GT2-16 3 mm bore pulley either. Attached find jpg with comment and possible alternative? I don’t know enough to decide.

Oh… it’s not going to be any time soon that I know about the extrusion lengths. I’d need to get some of those brackets and do a redesign of the frame and acquire the correct extrusions and validate that it works. Wouldn’t be sooner than a month or two. It’s a redesign, not a swap :slight_smile:
Idler is probably fine - as long as it’s the same diameter.

Thanks. Have just ordered printed parts and they will take a month apparently. Just bought the Platypus and have to learn laser cutting next… So just when you can. Happy New Year.

Where did you order the printed parts from?
I saw the order. Will go out tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hello Adam

Christchurch City Libraries has Makerspace sessions for individuals and groups. They will also accept print work and print for the cost of the PLA, 20c/gram. I can also take the acrylic and files along for laser cutting and do that myself.

Hello Adam

Another question about the files in Engravinator-Master\Mk1\Fabrication\3D_Printed\Enclosure.
File in question is 4InchDuctAdapter.stl. No .step file associated. Is this to be printed? Thanks.

@FemmesoleNZ no need to print that at all. It’s optional. I should honestly remove it.

Hello Adam

Thank you for your help with my questions in other topics. I am now ready to proceed with the build and will await your altered plan incorporating the 2020 3 way internal bracket as above.


That may or may not ever happen. We’re in the middle of getting setup to sell kits and haven’t really had time to look. Plus the final kits will use the original style bracket… the 3 way brackets you want are actually more expensive.

Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I misunderstood what you said above. I did not say I ‘wanted’ to change the original parts; I made a suggestion about the corner unit.

I’m aware of what you said… And you seemed to want to wait until there was a version of the design using the different corner brackets. I’m just saying that may never happen. At least not from me, officially. Just no time to devote to it at the moment. So my suggestion, if you want one, is to not wait and just use the brackets we’ve specified.