Working Ethernet Udp code for teensy 4.1

edit #3
see reply’s to self for explanation but now both strings of leds are working.

Hello all, I have been banging my head for quite a while. Thanks to Adam for all of the posts that I have used to cobble this together.

I finally have a working sketch to for the teensy 4.1 with the Ethernet adapter and a shift register. sketch works for either SPI output. I am not a coder as you will see by my code but it is working as of now. For some reason the max pixels is 681 per SPI.

My problem is getting bibliopixel to send 2 data streams to 2 different ports. Currently if I declare 2 drivers in yml file I get just the second set of data and no packet sent to the first driver port.
I left out the eeprom sections of the global.h to get this working easier.

Any help with proper formatting in the yml file to get bp to sent 2 data streams would be appreciated. It is clear that it can be done (at least over serial ) since it is part of the allpixel driver setup.

Starting bp with the file singleudp.yml works well for either port 8888 or 8889 when I change the port assignment in the file.
The doubleupd.yml file only sends the second stream.

Also my first ever github posts so hopefully I didn’t screw up the etiquette to bad.


Ok so as it always happens I figured out the 681 pixels problem as soon as I walked away. seems that when I printed out size of the buffer it came back as 2046. I just looked up char and is is uint8-t which is 256 bytes and 2046 is 255 bits. Im guessing that adding a single extra pixel overflows the buffer and returns 0 now to check if that is what is happening with the first buffer when when trying to send 2 strings. Thanks for listening I do my best thinking after I finally post a question. LOL

This morning found that yml files hate white spaces. I have updated the double file on github to be correct for the drivers section. now both strips are running.