Using Projects not identifying the AllPixel

I have implemented an AllPixel on a Raspberry Pi using Python 3.5 and BiblioPixel 3.4.45.

I want to try to use the Projects rather than Python, but I cannot find where or how I define the driver in either JSON or YML files or from the command line.

As a test i try to execute: bp run 51-red.yml

If I add the -s flag it will attempt to run on the RPi, but fails with a “Your graphics card does not seem to support WebGL” message. On Windows 10 it does run a simulation of a [32,32] all red. But still will not use the AllPixel and the LED strip attached. If I do not include the “-s” than it just stares at me and does nothing.

If I run bp all_pixel then it asks for ledtype and numleds and shows me the device as RPi: /dev/ttyACM0 and on Windows 10:COM4.

Going through the Bibliopixel Wiki and Tutorial I find no reference as to how to define the driver.

What am I missing?

Can you copy 51-red.yml here?

-s is just for using SimPixel which doesn’t work from the pi.

Docs here:

Add this to your project.

  typename: .serial
  ledtype: WS2812
  c_order: RGB

Thanks. Not sure how I missed the Drivers section of the docs.