Testing the Pen Lift Mod

So as luck would have it, the main hurdle to getting this done earlier was not having the right size m3 bolt. One order from amazon later and that won’t be a problem again ^_^. Anywho:

For those interested: https://github.com/ManiacalLabs/Engravinator/tree/master/Mods/PenLift

If you do give it a try, let us know how it goes!

I’m glad to now be able to play with my Engravinator without the need for eye protection and fume extraction :wink:

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Yesss, I love it. How did it go while assembling and using the pen lift module for the first time? It’s going to be the first thing I do after getting the Engravinator running in laser mode. Was it pretty straightforward?

It went well! I printed the parts on our old Replicator 2, which in it’s current state, isn’t the most precise of machines :wink: However it did fine with the pieces required for the pen lift. I just need to do a couple of post-print tweaks in the way of light filing, but no big deal, and definitely due to printer setup, not due to the design of the parts.

The assembly itself was very straight-forward. Just make sure you have all your parts together beforehand :wink: