Testing of Engravinator output

Would it be possible for someone who has built an Engravinator, with the recommended Eleksmaker 2500 mW laser module, to ‘test print’ a logo provided by me onto thin ply or wood and send me a close up photo of the result please?

Attached find a photo of a practice logo I printed on ply via an expensive ($25000) laser cutter today.

The logo I want the Engravinator to print has similar components.

Attached find a png of the file used; have also svg file.

First topic I am creating. Bear with me if mistakes please.

Could you attach or link to the SVG?

Ignore the bit at the bottom… from another test

And I removed a couple components of the design because, for some reason the design was all jacked up when I loaded it both in LightBurn and in InkScape. Random extra shapes everywhere.
But you should get the idea.

Here’s the LightBurn file I used for it, which includes all the path power/speed settings.
PracticeLogo.lbrn (259.2 KB)

Hello Adam

Thank you very much for this. Gives a good indication I think.

Checked practice logo. Apologies for extra components. Have removed.