T-Shirt/Textile Ideas and Brainstorming

I bought a couple of cheap full cotton T-shirts to do testing with, but from what I’m hearing the likelihood is that even if I can get them to show marks they won’t be permanent because cotton just burns and doesn’t melt.
So, my thought is that if there is a material that could be melted by our laser (not a CO2 one) onto the shirts then we could achieve a similar and possibly cool effect as with a polyblend shirt.
Any ideas on material? Also, figured this could be a space to brainstorm and share on any other textile-related options as well.

Pretty much you have it with the polyblend - Not pull poly of course, but probably 30-50%. Darker colors of course will work better than lighter and what you want to do is just melt the poly in the fabric. I’ve not done it on the Engravinator yet but it works well on a CO2 laser.
Gildan shirts from Joann’s Fabric worked well - they are a little thicker which helps.

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