Show and Tell with the Engravinator

Thought I’d start a thread to show off some stuff I’ve done with the Engravinator and give folks a place to throw any things they wanted to show off!

Made a trophy for our gaming group’s secret Santa party where we played the worst game known to man. We don’t have any more of the pieces to play the game so I made some trophies for all the previous years winners.

This is a simple stand for my desk to get some things up and around the base of my monitor stand. Just used the Engravinator to do my maker’s mark.


Printed this one for my 2yo son.

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Yeah, but I have no idea how big that is.

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I made a set of coasters for my dad’s lake house… with the lake in the background!



Each cell in the grid is one banana2

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Anodized aluminum.

Making some gift coasters for the 8th anniversary of our local StarCraft meetup group. (and no, we will not be actually meeting up for this event :mask:)


Very cool! About how long was the job for each coaster? And it looks like there’s a slight difference in shading in parts of the graphic. Was that intentional or is that just how it looks to me on my ‘OK’ monitor with a light shining in my face? :sweat_smile:

Thanks! I think they take about 8-10 minutes for each side (they’re double sided).

For the shading question, are you noticing the small unshaded spots?

I think there’s something in the cork that doesn’t like to burn. Or are you seeing differences in darkness? I might be seeing the same thing… B looks a little bit darker than A.

That isn’t intentional; they’re all black in the SVG and have the same power and speed in LightBurn. No idea why it appears slightly darker. It isn’t very noticeable in person.

Here’s a timelapse of the etch!