"R"=2000 kelvin "G"=5000 kelvin "B" = 7000 kelvin... does this exist?

I know Bibliopixel does not support RGBW strips yet, but I was wondering if this type of LED strip exists as I theorize it would work with Bibliopixel:

Just like I wrote in the subject, I would love a strip that is a variety of tunable white LEDs, and would still program them in a similar way:

So R-G-B would translate to:

“R”=2000 kelvin led

“G”=5000 kelvin led

“B” = 7000 kelvin led

Then I could make some really cool animations, but instead of colors, shades of white.

Does this type of Addressable LED strip exist? If so, have any of you done anything like I’m describing?