Operating & storage temperatures

Just curious. What temperature ranges are safe for Engravinator operation and/or idle storage?

I’m guessing at high temperatures the laser could overheat. On the page for the laser module linked from the BOM it says “3. Note that the laser module works less than half an hour in one time, and please wait until it has cooled down before continuing the work.”

At low temps perhaps lubricant could get too viscous, making the motors work harder. Differing contraction rates of tightly fitted parts could throw something off, maybe?

In short, can I engrave outside in the summer and winter? :smiley:

And bonus question: the 30m max engraving time suggested for the EL01… is that a real limitation in practice? At 50% power, does time-to-overheat double? I’m wondering because I have some engravings in mind that will run very long, but at very low power.

They are covering their butts… I ran mine for two 8 hour days at ERRF in October. Granted, it wasn’t at 100% the whole time. But you should be fine.
In general, you should use the machine at “room temp”. It’s probably fine outside that range but I can’t guarantee it.