Need some help with Y-axis binding

I’m having an issue with the Y-axis binding. I’ve tried all of the techniques listed in the manual but I still have bounce back on one side. If I remove the axis there is no binding on the rods themselves just when installed. I’ve checked and rechecked the frame to make sure that it is a square as I can make it. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

How close to the end of the axis does it bind up? I’m a bit overzealous in the docs and it may be fine.
Typically it’s because your X axis is too long/short or the Y rod mounts are not spaced right.
Usually the most successful thing for me was to loosen the Y rod mounts so they can move a bit then move the X axis back and forth along the Y a few times. Then move it to Y min and tighten, then back to Y max and tighten.

It occurs about an inch from the frame. I’m calling this the front (though it’s probably the back, lol). It’s the side that the y-axis belt faces at this step.

I’ve got the bolts completely out of the rod holders at this point and it’s not helping. Seems like it is more of a side to side thing but the frame measures the same on their respective sides.

which bolts? the bolts holding the rod holders to the rods or holding the rod holders to the frame?

The ones holding the rod holders to the frame.

So I assume just on one side then? Otherwise there’s no way it’s still staying connected to anything :stuck_out_tongue:
Only thing I could think is inaccuracies in the rod holders that are keeping things out of square.
Even with it binding up a little, can you get it to go all the way to the end?

Actually, I have all of the rod holders on without bolts at the moment. It’s sitting on the corner brackets right now though it holds itself perfectly in any spot I put it. I can move the y-axis all of the way to the frame but if I let go it bounces back towards the middle.

oh - if it’s holding itself there without any bolts then your X axis is too long - it shouldn’t have that much pressure against the frame. Check that the X rods are fully engaged into the side for the Y belt and that they are flush with the edge of the printed part on the motor side.

Both are in the correct position. Can I move it a little further in and still be OK?

Yeah - just let it stick out a tiny bit on the motor side. < 1mm will be all you’ll need. 1/10ths of a mm likely.

That did the trick. Didn’t even think of doing that. Thank you for the quick help. :smiley:

No problem! Glad it’s sorted!
Maybe those rods were cut slightly too long? Sorry about that! But that is why I left the motor side “open”… just in case.