Multi-part engraving techniques?

I’m using the beta kit and the Lightburn software. Does anyone have a technique for doing larger engravings in sections? I have ideas but I’m looking for something tried.

Only way I’m really aware of is with something like this:
However, that requires a camera mounted to the Engravinator. I actually have a design for this which I’ll release shortly.
But other than that… careful realignment is all. A jig of some sort would help.

Ok. I was thinking some innocuous registration marks in joined corners and alignment test with low power.

Yep, Adam was able to put what I was thinking into words better :slight_smile:

  • This is hard. Person wants to do huge thing on not big enough laser. There is going to be a seam.
  • 2 alignment marks on the active edge and instead of using a “red dot” alignment pointer like the actual Print and Cut feature does, you’d use the camera to get the next part of the design positioned in place. It’s a more manual way of doing the thing.

Would the camera be driven by the platypus board, or just physically mounted on the laser carriage and directly connected to a host cpu?

In the former case, awesome. In the latter, really really going to want to drive Engravinator/Camera from a SBC (Pi)

Usb to computer, it’s like a bare webcam but with special firmware tweak for high resolution.

Cheap netbook running Windows (or Linux if you must) dedicated to laser is the recommended way.

The laser is mounted to the top enclosure panel. You need a different panel with holes for the camera mount as well as bolts to mount it firmly to the frame. The camera must not move at all.

I believe you miswrote ‘laser’ instead of ‘camera’ there. I was breaking my brain trying to reconcile why the laser would be relocated, until it clicked. :grin:

Maybe it’s a laser camera. :open_mouth:

Logitech put lasers in their mice…

Here’s the details on that Camera mod:

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