Micro wobble in frame

After spending quite a bit of time trying to eliminate wobble in my frame, I’m wondering if a very slight wobble, demonstrated in the following video, is enough of a problem for me to keep going, or start all over. So far after many tries I have not been able to eliminate this wobble.

The wobble is either bad or negligible, and I’m hoping for the latter. :slight_smile:

Should be fine as is.
Though you’ve got a ~1mm gap in that corner from the video. Which shouldn’t be the case. But honestly, I overstate the importance of the frame squaring in the docs. It IS important but the wording is more to make sure people do the absolute best they can. I vote continue.

Hah, you noticed. I noticed that too tonight and fixed the gap(s, there were a few extrusions no longer flush). I was meticulous with squaring the sides as I assembled them, and when I formed the cuboid I found four sides had zero wobble, and two weren’t. I tried flattening the two problem sides, which threw the other sides off. I think I did three full passes (abt 300 loosenings/tightenings) without any improvement.

Anyway, that’s the process that led to the gaps. Seems like those passes should have fixed gaps, not created them. User error perhaps.

The firm wording in the guide lands really well on a meticulous person like me. Ask me to do something perfectly and I’ll go bonkers trying to.

Oh! I also ditched my crappy 50mm handle hex key and got one with a 120mm handle. Night and day difference in comfort when tightening and re-tightening. Curious if others made it with short handles; for me it was a finger killer.

Hahaha… I see all :slight_smile:
But yeah, carry on. Should be fine.

RE: squaring. I spent WAY too much time on that first day trying to get it perfect. It was very difficult and I rebuilt most of the frame several times, trying to eliminate gaps like seen in the video. Really blew my expectation on build time to smithereens. I had set a day aside, and frame ate all of that.

I still havent actually powered up the laser (just had too much going on last couple weeks which limited my time to finish it up…) USB problems got a couple more sessions, where I could see it work just enough on Win 10 to keep trying, but not enough to control motion and verify homing. From memory, it would flake after a minute or two with an error to the effect of “The USB device has malfunctioned”

I then put it on a Mac, but… USB-C so I was using a passive adapter for the A end of the provided B=>A cable. It never showed up as such.

Finally, I added a USB hub [Native C to hub with A ports] and it connects reliably. Not ideal for me long term, but advanced the build…

Which brings me back to the squareness of the frame :

Despite all of that time spent early, and the VERY nicely designed parts, the right plexiglass panel did not line up for the fourth bolt. :frowning:

I got it to work by making a slight shift in one of the mount blocks, hair over a cut edge, and also a slight flex of the pane to get the last bolt in. I hope it turns out OK like that, but I was again out of time [Holidays and living life] so I havent gotten back to the rest of the enclosure (Saturday…) so I can try a first burn.

@SciPhi - That’s really odd regarding the USB. Especially because the controller board is not powered over USB! It’s only ever powered when you connect the 12V power supply. The 5V line on the USB connector isn’t even connected to anything. What you are talking about usually indicates a power problem but that shouldn’t be the case here. Have you tried other cables than the one that cable with it? Possible that it’s a bad cable.

Regarding the frame, I may need to change up the wording there. Yes, squareness is important but it should’ve be the end-all be-all of the build. So, sorry if I made it sound like you needed to spend days on it. That definitely shouldn’t be the case.

Lastly, regarding that right side panel, I’ve got your address so I’ll send you out a new one. I’m not home at the moment so I cannot check right now but I think I have a spare enclosure set already. If not (or if I find the same problem in the panel I have) I’ll have to cut a new one. I don’t have an ETA on when that would happen… reason being that the laser cutter I used was acting up a bit and I had to throw out a couple sets of enclosure panels due to issues like you described. I did my best to make sure all that went out were perfect but I certainly could have missed one. And long story short, a new laser arrived yesterday but I’ve not had a moment to set it up yet. If I do need to cut a new one I will do that as soon as possible. Either way, I’ll get you a new panel. So sorry for that!

Good-to-know about the squareness. I definitely was worried at first that it needed to be super tight for laser safety, and I like seeing stuff!

I have been forcing myself to be extra careful, because I got in a hurry and snapped a delta arm mount right before ERRF, leaving my 3DP down for over a month.

I appreciate the offer of new panels. I only had to squeeze it ever-so-slightly to make it line up. Will find out this weekend, but I do think it will work.


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Did it wind up working?

Sorry for the silence, but yes - it did.

I have unfortunately not had much time with it in the past quarter due to this weird thing that has been going on… but I had to shift it out of my way yesterday and was all like, I should get back to tinkering with that…

One of the barriers TBH is the effective requirement to use Windows since Lightburn did not work well from my Mac, and Raspberry Pi was not supported.

Recommend posting in https://forum.lightburnsoftware.com/ with any issues you’ve had with LightBurn running on Mac - it shouldn’t have any issues. We have plenty of Mac users and it’s heavily tested on both Windows and Mac. Definitely let it be known what issues you are having.

(full disclosure: I work for LightBurn)