LEDs Flashing on Home Circuit

I have an interesting issue related to an LED installation in my daughter’s bedroom. I’ve got two strips of WS2812B installed in the top corner of her bedroom. That’s 300 LEDs with the strips I used. I’m feeding a PiPixel with an ALITOVE 5V 3A 15W AC 100V~240V to DC Power Supply Adapter Converter to power the LEDs. Right now I’m just doing a color fill to blue. You can see the JSON below. There is some type of power fluctuation that is affecting the LEDs when a switch on the circuit in my daughter’s room is flipped. When she turns her ceiling fan on some of the LEDs flash to what seems like a primary color and then flips back to blue. I would like to filter for this and the only think I can think of right now is a UPS on the battery side so that the power supplying the LEDs is filtered to come from the battery and not directly from the wall circuit. Right now the LEDs and the Raspberry Pi are all sharing a surge protector. Let me know if you have any other filter ideas to guard against power fluctuations on the circuit.

    "animation": {
        "typename": "BiblioPixelAnimations.strip.ColorFill",
        "color": "blue"
    "run": {
        "fps": 10
    "driver": {
        "typename": "pi_ws281x",
        "gpio": 13,
        "c_order": "GRB",
        "num": 300
    "layout": {
        "typename": "strip",
        "brightness": 192

Short version… you can’t :frowning:
Long version…
LED strips are basically huge, long antennas that pick up RF noise.
With SPI based LEDs (of which the ws281x is not) you can usually decrease the data-rate in situations like this. But your LEDs are fixed datarate.
The only thing to do with WS281X is to run at a faster frame rate so that after the LEDs pick up noise which cause them to change they are changed back quicker.
The UPS might work, but most don’t isolate as much as you would think. But it’s worth a shot. But the problem is it’s not really noise on the power line… the ceiling fan (and trust me, they are the worst thing for this) is creating actual RF noise that’s inducing current on the LED strips directly.

So… tl;dr; run at a higher framerate. Like 30fps