LCD Display mod?

I was doing some research for my Printrbot build (AKA: watching random youtube videos) and one of the channels mentions a TFT panel that runs a touch-able UI for sending GRBL gcode to his laser rig…

2.MKS-TFT_CNC V0.0.9 function description

The hardware still uses MKS TFT24, and the protocol is compatible with GRBL.

Fintech Repair : GRBL firmware on MKS TFT*

I will dig into it some more later this week, but thought I’d throw it over the wall now and see if any similar plans are already in the works…

We’ve talked about it - but the idea was more along the lines of using Marlin or Smoothieware since they already had LCD support. I actually just found out that MKS touch display was a thing but didn’t know it could support GRBL - makes sense since it’s got it’s own ARM CPU and just uses serial comms. The problem right now would be that the current Platypus Engravinator board wouldn’t work - it only has serial over USB so there’s no way to hook into that. Plus it seems like you’d more want to use that with an SD card… or GRBL would need dual serial comms. IDK - I’m guessing a bit here.
Something I might look into - but not a lot of time at the moment.