Laser stays powered on during moves between burns (LightBurn)

When engraving text, it appears that the laser is not shutting down completely during travel:

Any ideas? I am a total n00b with respect to LightBurn, so this may very well be something as simple as checking the “Don’t do that” box in preferences. If so, my apologies.

It looks like your controller is not running in “Laser Mode”…
Go to the lightburn console and type $$ then hit enter. You should see a line starting with $32
That line should read $32=1
If now, enter $32=1 in the console and hit enter.
What’s odd to me is you have a beta unit so yours should have been preconfigured with all the right settings.
Can you paste the output of $$ here?
either way, it’s a GRBL config issue, not LightBurn. This would happen in any software. Still… yours should’ve been preconfigured out of the box.

That did it!

Output from “$$” follows.

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How very meta of you :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Still weird it was changed though… ah well.