higher power

This is well designed project. I want to do the same, but with 3W LEDs. Think it’ll work without pulling down the power grid?

I’m currently making a 112 LED display (RGB 3 w LEDs, for total of 336 “leds”), so viewers can see across our cove, about 400 feet or so. I did many tests and 3W LEDs are brighter than a 7W incandescent Christmas light bulb, which I had been using for last 20 years.

I haven’t done the math on this for the 3W. Has anyone got experience with higher power LEDs? My current project uses 7 port expanders (7x16=112) with transistor powered RGB lines from an Arduino UNO. I use UDN2981 source drivers with 2N5191 transistors for sinking the RGB lines. Seems to work.