Feet aren't big enough for a M5 button head screw

I finished my Engravinator build with the kit from Tendie. Everything went pretty well, and I am happy with the output I am getting. When I went to finish up the build and put the feet on with the bottom panel, I noticed the holes seem sized for an M5 socket head screw, but my kit from Tendie only had M5 button head screws. The build guide also shows socket head screws, so I assume those was used during testing. When I opened the step file, it looks like the hole is 9mm, so I cut a new 10mm hole over it and re-printed the part. I figured I’d share this here in case others see it, or it merits getting fixed in the repository.

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Thanks for pointing that out! It’s actually correct already in the Fusion 360 design but somehow the STL and STEP files didn’t get update. It’s been fixed now :slight_smile: