Ducting system recommendations

Any suggestions for venting fumes away from the workspace? I love having the Engravinator in my office, but for my family’s sake I would really like to vent the fumes out the window or into a crawlspace.

I was thinking of getting some 4 inch ducting, and zip-tying it around the Engravinator fan. I see there’s also some ducting with 80mm fan attachments, being sold for cryptomining. :laughing: I’m not sure it would perform any better than a tight zip-tie though.

Any suggestions before I start trying things out?

I have a 4 inch duct adapter that goes in place of the fan… though you then need to have a different fan (such as an exhaust blower) hooked up inline. I’ll upload that file tonight and post some details here.

By tonight, I meant Sunday night :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, engineer time. Your eta appears to have been accurate.

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