Could not connect: ws://localhost:1337

I’m new here. Just installed biblopixel on a Pi and I have a 32 LED strip. When I try to run “bp demo” or “bp demo matrix” the Chrome browser returns the above error. Google tells me that Chrome doesn’t allow unsecure connections and “Chrome doesn’t allow unsecure websocket (ws) connections to localhost (only wss, so you should setup a TLS certificate for your local web/websocket server).” At this point I’m stuck!

Should say this in the docs somewhere (I’ll check) but the demo isn’t really supported from a Pi. It’s meant for running from a regular computer (regardless of OS).
That being said, I’ve not seen that error before. What version of Chrome are you running? It’s possible that they changed something - If they really do require secure websocket connections to localhost there’s nothing I can do really.

Right, I’ll check the version, but would a different browser work? Thanks for the speedy reply btw.

Very possibly - bp demo will autolaunch whatever your default browser is. But you could just go to on another browser first. It’ll still try to launch a new browser but you can just close it.
I’m trying to see if I can replicate the issue now.

The Chrome version is 74.0.3729.157 - The Pi is incredibly slow!

Ok, yeah - it’s the Pi than. I just tried on Windows 10 and Linux with latest chrome and it works fine.
To my knowledge the “Chrome” on Pi is actually Chromium and not real Chrome. But as noted before, SimPixel (what the demo uses) is not actually supported on Pi.
You could run the demo and then open on another machine and point it at your Pi’s IP address (menu in top right corner)

Sounds like I’m a bit out of my depth here. It is Chromium. I’ll try installing another browser, but even that doesn’t seem that straightforward!

Yeah, sorry. Wish I could help there. But I basically never use a Pi with an actual desktop or UI. Purely console only.

Understandable - I think the browser is eating up all the memory! cl is much quicker!

Is it just the demo that uses the desktop? Do I need to read up more to just use the command line without the browser?

Yeah… Chrome/Chromium is a memory hog. And SimPixel wouldn’t help that - it’s running a full WebGL 3D environment in the browser.

And it’s more that the demo is only really supported on a “full” computer. Everything else works on a Pi just fine. Ideally without having the UI started at all (you can disable it booting to desktop in raspi-config).
Assuming you have a regular computer I would try out bibliopixel on there first so you can use SimPixel and then move over to the Pi.

Ok, thanks for the great help, I’ll try that later.