Corner brackets

A lot of the parts overlapped with an order I made from China, so I’m almost ready to go.

Using Misumi extrusions, but that’s all the hardware I’m sourcing from official BOM.

Would someone mind posting a picture of the corner brackets that come with the kit?

I noticed they’re 2 holes, which are much easier to find on Ali.


This will prob be better than a pic of the real thing since it includes all the dimensions:


Note: if you use cheaper chinese brackets you will likely need M5x8mm instead of M5x10mm bolts as the body of the brackets are thinner (3mm instead of 4.5mm usually) and the 10mm bolt will bottom out before actually tightening the nut properly.

Thank you. This was the pic I missed:

Shows both types being used.

Thanks for the help!

Any chance the possible Xl version I read about might use MGN rails?

One of the beta testers has talked about building a larger version - I’d have to dig through my emails.
But I have not expanded the design. If you didn’t worry about the enclosure part it’s mostly a matter of adding extra length to the extrusions and 8mm rods.
Not sure where you saw anything about using MGN rails - that has never been in my plans. Maybe originally when I was first designing it but I’ve never actively pursued it. That would basically be a complete redesign of most of the 3D printed components.