Build tips for the dangerously knowledgeable

I always tell people I “know enough to be dangerous” about a variety of things, so I figure I’d start a topic for little things that I experienced during the Engravinator build in case it will help someone else to move past them faster.

  • 3D printer calibration is essential - especially for the tolerances on the parts that have belt-holding teeth
  • Make sure you print all the parts you’ll actually need, which is probably (note the “x” next to things that you need to print multiples of): Core Components, Controller Box, and Enclosure
  • Long-handled hex key/allen wrench will save you some pain
  • When pulling the belts to their respective cut marks make sure you orient the belt in the same way it will sit
  • Read the instructions carefully, and you’ll save yourself some pain; especially take note of any “Note:” items as they’ll help ensure you don’t spend time undoing things you did to complete steps.
  • The heatsinks go over the little micro-sized holes in the top of the steppers
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THIS. I started out using wrenches with 40mm handles and it was killing my fingers. I went out and bought a pack with ~100mm handles and it made a world of difference.

Very Important reading the instructions! :wink: I got bit by this once or twice while assembling a Prusa i3. Assuming you know what the next instruction will be can lead to Super Happy Fun Duplicating Work Time…


People read? I have 3+ years of business ownership experience that strongly indicates otherwise.