Allpixel like firmware for teensy 4.1?

I have Bibliopixel running on a rasberry pi 4. Planning on a large install of over 6000 leds due to distance I cant get a high enough frame rate with out data loss. Next plan would be to use teensy 4.1 that I have on hand and drive them, maybe as manny as 8 with the rasberry pi but I’m not able to get anything to compile since it new. I know that adam has worked with modified code for the huge wall displays but can’t seem to fine any of the code that might work for the teensys.

This project has modified AllPixel firmware running on a Teensy 3.2 ->
You will NOT be able to drive 8 from the Pi… there’s just not enough bandwidth. Honestly it won’t work from a normal computer either. Python is just not fast enough to handle that much pixel data. There’s no way to accelerate it - you just have to brute force it. I mean - in theory I’ve done 12k pixels before but it was using a single Teensy 3.6 - the problem really comes when you try to split up the datastreams to multiple controllers. Beyond 4 there’s no way to keep them in sync reliably with BiblioPixel.
With even just 6000 pixels, at 30fps you’d be running 540kbps raw data-rate, not counting overhead. Yes, that seems slow compared to modern things, but you are running over serial. To achieve 12k pixels I had to use a raw USB protocol.