Welcome thread (introductions)

Welcome everyone!

I’ve seen a few intros already in other threads, but thought it might be nice to have a thread where everyone can introduce themselves. The Maniacal Labs guys should probably be the first to introduce themselves, but I made the thread so, dibs.

I’m Michael, a software engineer at Red Hat. I’m a huge Linux fan, naturally, but I mostly do JS development, including some gamedev and creative coding. I’m also a fan and friend of Maniacal Labs, having worked with them on geekSPARK and SimPixel. I’m somewhat of a noob when it comes to laser etching, 3D printing, and other “DIY robots”, so I’m very much looking forward to welcoming two orange-and-black bots into my family, having ordered a Prusa Mini and the Engravinator in a span of two days.

Let’s get to know each other. Who’s next? :nerd_face:

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Hi laser fans :smiley:
I’m Adam, co-founder of Maniacal Labs and designer of the Engravinator. You’ll see me on here a lot :wink:
I also am a software engineer at Red Hat, like @mwcz, so that might help explain why I build open source hardware.
I’m into all sorts of things, primarily 3D printers and CNC lasers lately… obviously. Most of my other work can be seen here: https://adamhaile.com/

Now we’ve gotta get @pcon to say Hi… he started me down the road to the Engravinator.


I’m Patrick and the “idea man” behind the Engravinator.

I’m a software engineer by day and a competent woodworker/tinkerer by night.

I’ve got some time with 3D printers under my belt but not much with lazors but I hope to change that over the next couple of months.


And I suppose I should introduce myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m Dan, the other half of Maniacal Labs. I’ve been known to design PCBs, sling solder, and to provide occasionally useful input into all manner of projects :wink:

I’m a EE/CE by training and trade, and the Day Job™ has me exercising those skills for a large computer storage manufacturer.

When not there, I bounce between different projects, which currently involve IoT-based sensors and data gathering. I also homebrew, and you can bet the two pursuits collide in useful ways :smile:

Mine is more of a “consulting” role on the Engravinator project (and proofreading the docs :stuck_out_tongue: ), but it’s been great fun seeing project go from Idea to Gorgeous Aluminum and Orange Box-o-Lazering, and I’m looking forward to contributing more :blush:


Hello! My name is Eric. I met Adam at ERRF and fell in love with the Engravinator. I was excited to be able to participate in the Beta Kit.

By day, i’m an information security consultant. I visited RedHat HQ in the late 90s to take my RHCE exam (way back when they made you do a kernel compile for the exam!)

Happy to be here and looking forward to getting my Engravinator working :slight_smile: