Shopping for safety glasses

What should I be looking for when shopping for safety glasses? Is it purely a matter of finding glasses that block the laser’s wavelength? Is there any concern about false marketing claims, ie glasses that don’t block what they claim to?

For the beta we are going to try to get laser modules that come with glasses (a lot of them do, but not all). But since you’ll have the full enclosure it’s not top priority.
But in general anything listed as good for 400-450nm is fine. The lasers aren’t that powerful that it really matters that they are 100% certified or anything. The ones that come with the laser modules likely are just tinted acrylic with no specific certification.
But to answer your question fully…
Don’t go for red, too dark in my experience.
Green is most common and works fine.
Orange is best (easiest to see through)… but more expensive.


Thanks, that’s very helpful. Awesome to hear you’re shooting for glasses in the beta kits! I’m going to try to find some kid sized safety glasses for my son and other small ones to watch the laser in action. That said, I fully trust in the enclosure, glasses are just that extra level of safety to give everyone peace of mind.

Fair enough :slight_smile: They are still handy to have anyways.

+1 to linking to some source for appropriate safety glasses (although the ‘safe’ case is a huge selling point)