Plotter instructions and details

Could you detail out the Pen lift attachment. I see the printed parts but not any instructions. Just simple pics would be helpful for now. I was thinking that one of the main uses for this unit would be to allow my kids to plop it down and pick from a preset groups of designs and have it draw it out for them. I down think putting a laser in front of them would be wise.

Please let me know the needed parts. I see that a micro servo is needed but I am not sure what rails and slides that you intended to use.

@flackmonkey - I’ll try to put together the details for that this week. I’ve just not had time and the design for it is still a little flaky. It’s not just the mechanism but also uses custom firmware that I also still need to fix up a little. Shouldn’t take too long to wrap up.

Ok @flackmonkey - sorry, that was way more than a week. The holidays are killer.
Here’s the initial draft of the files and guide for the pen plotter mod:
Feedback very much appreciated and accepted if you have any.