MQTT sync'd Christmas strip lights

Bit early for Christmas, but I’ve been making a Christmas strip light display.
The strips are either wrapped around various frames such as Christmas tree shape or poles etc.
This project was more an application for me to learning Python and MQTT rather than boring old C++ that I’ve done for the past 40+ years. So this may well have been done before and better.
I’ve created an MQTT driven LED strip light project that allows me to coordinate and then choreograph a large number of LED strip lights via a Raspberry Pi 3b.
I have a number of cheap 5 metre 12 volt strip lights that use the GS1903 chip driven either by the AllPixel Mini or directly via the Pi’s SPI or PWM outputs with level converters.

Each Raspberry Pi manages up to four strips.
There is any number of Pi’s listening on a WiFi network for Animation sequences arriving via MQTT addressed either globally, grouped, strip specific, to perform from a set of about 40. Each Animation sequence also has options such as colours and such which are provided in the MQTT message.

At this moment (April 2020) I can control via my phone or laptop any of the strips in groups or singles to start an animation of my choice and stop.
The next stage of this project is to create a sequencer / choreographer that lets me send out the various MQTT messages at timed intervals to create a long looping lighting show :slight_smile:

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I look forward to seeing this develop.