Frame and y axis rods question

I feel like the y axis rods should be flush. Can anyone please confirm this? The other side from the picture is flush and the rod sticks out 8.8mm. The thing is I cant see how I would have went wrong on the frame assembly to make this happen. Short of pulling the frame apart and starting over I am at a loss.

Of the shorter extrusions one is 200mm and the other 210mm and looks like you are off my 10mm or so… The vertical extrusions are the 200mm ones but looks like yours are the 210… Don’t need to rebuild the frame, just rotate the frame.

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@flackmonkey - Home now and give better details…
The frame, when correctly assembled, should be:

  • 200mm tall
  • 250mm deep
  • 280mm wide

Looking at the picture again, it looks like maybe you installed the 210mm extrusions as the verticals and the 200mm extrusions as the back-to-front pieces.
In which case you would need to remove the sides constructed of the 200 and 210mm extrusions and redo them because there’s no way to just flip it around and make things work.
If you built it like I suspected that would make the front-to-back dimension only 240mm and the rods are 250mm. I know you said they stick out 8.8mm not 10mm, but there’s no way the frame could be off by 8.8mm, so I’m just going to assume it’s actually 10mm and attribute the difference to aggregation of tolerances and not completely accurate measuring. Not trying to blame you there at all, but 1.2 mm isn’t a huge difference.
Anyways… looking at this further I’m 90% sure my assessment is likely right and you’ll have to redo the sides unfortunately.
Just give it a quick measure and let me know what you find :slight_smile:

I did indeed incorrectly have the 210mm for the vertical. I ended up pulling it apart and swapping them. The y axis rods fit correctly now. Alex also mentioned he made the same mistake which may mean that the instructions need a bit more clarity. Thanks for the help. On to the “motors & belts” woohoo!

@flackmonkey Awesome :slight_smile:
Where did Alex mention this? If it was on here I somehow missed that.
I’m looking at the guide right now… will see if I can make it more clear.

I PM him directly. We are friends IRL :slight_smile:

Oh, haha, of course. I think I met both of you at ERRF if I recall correctly :slight_smile:

Yep that is right. Besides this one issue, everything has been going great so far.

Awesome. I just pushed an update that will hopefully make it clearer (both images and text). Let me know if that makes more sense :slight_smile:

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I managed through the instructions. You can watch here.

Either way nothing should be too far out or too far in.