Engravinator Kit Availability

I am wanting a reliable CNC Engraver to engrave a trademarked logo onto products soon to be produced from my husband’s new woodturning hobby. Have been looking on Aliexpress and Banggood for a while. Have been hesitant to buy because of unknown power, capacity and reliability of units offered. Particularly wanted to work with such as Arduino and G-code type software. This unit appears to be ideal for me. Do not have a 3D printer so will be looking to buy completed unit to assemble. Need to keep costs down. Any idea when will be available?

We are still evaluating if/how/when selling full kits will happen, of which the Beta kits are a big part of that evaluation process. But, right now, I don’t have an answer for you.
I can comment, however, that if we do sell a kit including 3D printed parts it will not be cheap. Probably at least $150 extra for the printed parts as an option. It takes about 1.5 days of print time per kit so there’s no way to provide it for cheaper. Companies like ShapeWays would charge at least twice that for the printed components. My recommendation would be to find a friend with a printer or makerspace where you can print the components.

Thank you for your reply. I will look into that and study the documentation provided. However, expense is relative and I was meaning more not wanting to waste money on something that will not do what is required. I understood you were aiming at a product in the USD 200-400 range. Is that still the intention? If you can’t answer this now that’s fine, I will keep following to see what happens. Do you have any sense of a time frame?

We’ll be able to talk more about what the plan, if any, is for kits in January most likely.