Can a RasPi handle this?

I’m thinking a Raspi, 7” screen, usb or pi camera, and lightburn.

Camera for alignment purposes. Raspi so my laptop doesnt have to stay tethered.

Is there a better way?

LightBurn will not run on a Pi, except for that one edge case that still shouldn’t happen.

@GreyBeard3D as @raykholo said, LightBurn will not run on a Pi. It’s x86 compatible only at this point.
We’ve had thoughts of an “Engravinator Pro” that basically would be what you described but wanted to get the base model out first.
To run untethered your best bet would likely be LaserWeb. You can run the server for it on the Pi itself and then either view the UI on that 7" screen or remotely from a laptop. But the laptop wouldn’t strictly need to stay connected.
Also, some people have run OctoPrint to control lasers - there’s a few plugins for it to make it work nicer. You could then still use LightBurn to generate the files and just save them to the Pi and run from there. I may actually setup the same thing on mine. Would also be very handy for mobile use as long as you only use pre-generated gcode.
In theory this could also all be run from a marlin compatible board… then you’d have SD card support and text LCD support which would allow untethered usage.
Sky’s the limit really :slight_smile: I would love to see some mods in this direction…
Speaking of which, @GreyBeard3D - if you ever want to actually build something like that out and need to modify the enclosure panels for it to work, just let me know and I can cut and ship them for you.