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Troubleshooting after initial build
Just got around to assembling my AllPixel. Everything looks fine and the green LED lights up when I connect it to my Mac but the computer never sees it. The the ATMega32 gets very hot as well.

Any ideas?


@wp4 - Is this one from the Kickstarter? Just want to know for tracking which batch it's from in case there was a defect.

Can you take some close up pictures of the AllPixel and attach them here? Most commonly problems are from shorts when soldering the components and sometimes we can troubleshoot it by just looking at the board. Since you say the chip gets hot, a short sounds likely. Though maybe also get a picture of each side of the ATMega (each of the rows of pins)... maybe there was a short during assembly.

How hot are we talking? Can't touch it hot?

Also, what does "ls -al /dev/*tty*" (without the quotes) show?
Did you ever get a chance to test this further?

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