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inspired by the povstick
After seeing your "Povstick" ive been inspired to build my own. I remember seeing the pixelstick on kickstarter and am kicking myself i didnt get in on it back then as our dollar has taken a sharp drop and i would need to lay out close $400 for pixel stick and then another $60 for can understand my position.

My plan so far, A Pi B to run bibliopixel and webpixel, a tft 4" touch screen to help with on the go mods and selecting the file to be displayed, have a freind 3d print a custom case for the Pi/TFT/Allpixel to live, a standard rc xt60 plug for power, 2m of RGB leds in a channel with diffusion to spread the light evenly. did i miss anything? probably Wink

Before i commit to the idea of building my own i have a few questions to ask before i go ahead with ordering a Allpixel board and led strip.
My questions are how dose one convert a .bmp file to the coding so the allpixel can read and display?
Can i use any pixelart code i download from the internet?
Do you recommend a preferred converter?

my list of parts so far:
Raspberry pi B model (original version, i hope its powerfull enough)
AllPixel board
2 meters of RGB led strip (Im still researching which one is best for my needs but im thinking something with 60leds per meter, any recommendations?)
wifi dongle for Pi
3200mah s3 lipo battery (left overs from my rc plane days)
2x 1meter Led channel from ebay, i plan to use some left over xt60 connectors to join each section so each length is 1m long and can be plunged together for portability

if anyone is interested in helping or if ive missed something lease let me know, coding is not my strong point but building and tinkering is
Cool! Sounds fun... Here's my thoughts:

- DON'T do any diffusion! Been there, done that. The image looks out of focus... because it basically is.
- BiblioPixelAnimations now has ImageShow, which can handle jpeg, png, bmp, and gif. No need to convert to another format but you DO need to resize it to fit your POVStick.
- Not sure what you mean by this: "2x 1meter Led channel from ebay"
- Use either LPD8806 or APA102. Anything else has a PWM rate that is too slow and it will cause the image to flicker too much.

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