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2 x ws2812b
Hi this may seam like a daft question but I'm waiting on 2 strips of 5m 300led ws2812b strips. I've been looking into controllers or doing it my self with a arduino etc. I stumbled across this product and looks a good solution .

Question. Can I run both strips off 1 all pixle or will I need to purchase 2. If one would I be better off working both strips directly into the screw terminals of chaining them together injecting power into the middle of the strips

Thank ash
@Ash45 - The AllPixel can handle up to 700 pixels, so you should be able to handle the 600 pixels total just fine. But, yes, you will have to chain them together and power the second strip in the middle.
If you hooked up both strips together at the screw terminals, what will happen is that both strips will light, but will be identical instead of having control over each strip individually. HOWEVER... the AllPixel cannot provide enough power to 2x 300 pixel strips in parallel like this.

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