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[Beginner] How many LEDs at one RPi 2?
Dear Maniacal Labs Staff,

at first thank you very much for all your work and your ongoing support.

For a large LED Project I want to drive up to thousands of APA102 Pixel controlled by a Raspberry Pi 2. For the best case maybe one RPi 2 could controll up as many Pixels as possible. But to calculate this I wanted to ask how many Pixel can be driven by one SPI port?
I read in you python script that the buffer limit is 1024 pixels at the moment but it could be extended. So do you have data regarding to control a lot of pixels via one SPI Port (included fps?)?

The project will be one large stripe (not as a matrix) in the best case with 6000 pixels (APA102). The power consumption is already safe Wink.

Thank you very much for your help!
Best regards
You don't really want to go over 4000 on a single Pi.... it would be way too slow. But honestly never done it.

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