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Program doesn't finish
Hi all,
i'm really sorry for stealing your time but I don't find any solution. I'm really new to python (generally I'm using c++) so it's pretty unkonfortable getting started with this.
As part of my project i need to set the led's of my WS2801 strip to the given rgb data and i've managed to build nearly a working code:
from bibliopixel.drivers.WS2801 import DriverWS2801
driver = DriverWS2801(num = 75)

from bibliopixel.led import *
led = LEDStrip(driver)

led.fillRGB(255,0,0,start=0, end=50)
The good thing is that it fills the led's but at the other end it doesn't finish the program (and my raspberry doesn't even response anymore trough ssh).
[Image: bugjrgeokaq6s.png]

I hope one of you guys can help me out Smile
(Sorry for any faults in my text - german guy :p)
What are you running this on? Raspberry Pi?
I just tried running your code on my Pi and it finishes fine.
Are you running the latest BiblioPixel (v1.2.4)?
Yep, got the right version.
[Image: version37swp0kfbz.png]

Did you also ran it over ssh or directly? Maybe that could be the issue?

Oh, and i also recognized that there are only 56 of 75 Led's firing up. It seems like my code is wrong, isn't it?
Over SSH. Is that on a Pi? What OS version?
You are telling it to stop at LED 50: led.fillRGB(255,0,0,start=0, end=50)
Oh man forget what I've said about the led's firing up ^^ This should be fine (Late here in germany - concentration gone)
Well I'm running on a Pi Model B with Linux 7.8

I've might found the reason - my laboratory power supply is showing that the power is varying up to 1V.
I don't know if i can trust that but it really confuses me at the moment how this could happen.

Tomorrow I will test that further.
Oh... how are you powering the LEDs? Hope it's not off the Pi!
#7 i found the problem and I'm quite embarassed about myself. I've simply forgot to check the maximal current flow which was too low, therefore the voltage started to fall when i tried too start my program.
I'm really sorry for this, but your validation of my code helped me to exclude this potential problem. I really appreciated your help, thanks!

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