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WyoLum TinyTiM Rework Boards
Our friends over at sent us a pair of TinyTiM LED display modules that were of the "ding and dent" variety for use in AllPixel testing and general playing around with blinky things. These displays are awesome. They are 8x8 grids of WS2812 (NeoPixel) LEDs that can be accessed serially or in parallel. For testing with the AllPixel, the solder jumpers for serial communication were bridged. There are input and output connectors on each board so multiple can be chained together.

As far as the rework went, it turns out one just had a bad solder joint on the input connector ground pin. That was a quick fix. The other had two bad LEDs. Fortunately, I had recently acquired a ChipQuik de-soldering kit, which made removal of the problem LEDs a snap. Once the old ones were removed and the PCB cleaned a bit, the new ones were installed and everyone was happy. I also tested the input and output connections on both boards.

The TinyTiMs are due to be released sometime early this year, so keep an eye on for more info. And be sure to stop by our site to check out the AllPixel.

[Image: TinyTims_SerialInGroundSolderJoint.jpg]

[Image: TinyTims_Inspection-e1420135547757.jpg]

[Image: TinyTims_ReadyToRepair.jpg]
Nice Sharing. I Appreciate.

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