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What sources do people use for JST SM connectors?
I like things to be plug able and not cut off connectors from the LED strips. I can find a good number of places to order from a single female/male to 100s. But where do you buy yours? Like a 100 isn't a problem for me, but most place seem to take the slow boat from China and would take a month to get here.

Seems to always be the problem... wait for China or get it now Tongue I buy those connectors by the bag from China on ebay almost exclusively. But when I do need them now there's always Amazon ( or Adafruit. Sadly, much more expensive, but I've never found another domestic option.
I bought led strip and connectors for shenzhen normand electronic co.,ltd(,my supplier matched connector to me every times,and he sent out by dhl  just 3 days.
Only in 3 days. Soundz good.

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