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Need help to determine a controller

I would love to use BiblioPixel on my LED strip, but I'm not able to determine its controller.
My led strip is this one

Maybe this can give you a clue, I was able to light on some leds with this code:
from bibliopixel.led import *
from bibliopixel.animation import StripChannelTest
from bibliopixel.drivers.LPD8806 import *
from bibliopixel.drivers.PiWS281X import DriverPiWS281X

driver = DriverPiWS281X(30, ledFreqHz=800000, ledDma=14)
led = LEDStrip(driver)
anim = StripChannelTest(led)

[Image: LMQKvxF.gif]
The listing makes them look like WS281X of some sort as they only have one data pin. But StripChannelTest isn't showing the right thing it seems.
Best thing you can do is email the place you bought them from and ask.
Maybe try ledFreqHz=400000?
And why did you change ledDMA?
Hi, thanks for your reply !

I changed ledDMA, just to try.
With ledFreqHz=400000, the light doesn't come on.
With ledFreqHz=700000, I have
 [Image: NIgsLWI.gif]

(the colors can change from time to time)

Some people already tried to ask the seller but he doesn't know.

Do you think it worth it to continue to try different frequencies ?
Is there another way to know or guess the actual settings ?
Also I'm not using any level shifter. Do you think this could be a problem ?

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