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Matrix dots made of multiple leds
Here is what I did:
  • Installed PixelWeb using pip on freshly installed RPi2B
  • Started PixelWeb
  • Configured output
    • Driver WS281X (Visualizer works the same) #Pixels: 504
    • Controller LEDMatrix. Width 28 Height 18. Advanced Pixel Size Width 2 Height 1
  • Start Bloom animation
    • It gives me ERROR - status - Failure starting animation: range() integer end argument expected, got float.
I wanted a quick fix and had a brief look at the existing code. I believe the float type appears here

So I modified that code to be:
self.width = int(self.width / pw)
self.height = int(self.height / ph)
It solved exception, but when I run Bloom animation it fills only left half of the screen. Some other animations also behave strange.

Same exception happened with LEDStrip controller. And after applying same int() fix here ColorWipe animation doesn't fill last pixel.

My screen consists of cells, each of which has 2 leds in it for brightness, so pixel size seems exactly what I'd need.

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