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Art-Net Support
Evening all (or at least it is here),

Bumping this thread because I recently did something similar, creating 2x LED 'donuts' of around1700 pixels each. The original plan was to run 1 raspi per donut as an artnet decoder, running some python script that receives and parses the artnet data very reliably, into 4x allpixel . The issue I ran into was writing the array of RGB data to the allpixels, as once I was over 3 universes of data this would cause the output to be jittery. The end result was to use 1 pi and 1 allpixel per 430ish pixel strip, which gave me reliable output. However, this gave a very ungainly looking controller, so I'd quite like to go back to the original idea of 1 pi and 4 allpixels!

Is there anything I could try to make this work more smoothly? I tried multiprocessing and threading, but this gave equally variable results...

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